This teacher integrates children with special needs into the community for the first time in Sohag.

Ms. Nesma Zakareya
by Mohamed Hassan
June 21, 2019

Sometimes, situations where we feel powerless act as turning points in our lives. They make us realize our own shortcomings. They push us towards achieving what we once thought was impossible.

Mrs. Nesma Zakareya is one of our best Champion Teachers and an alumni of our teacher training program. Inspired by her training experience, she decided to start her own business in her hometown, Sohag. She decided to open an academy with an aim to integrate children with special needs into society.

Ms. Nesma faced a difficult situation at school where she worked. It could have passed had it been anyone else, but she saw an opportunity to be of help to her society.

"The idea hit me after I was asked to deal with a situation at school involving a child with special needs. The specialist was not there that day, and the child was throwing a fit. They called me to calm him down. I had never dealt with children with special needs before. I had no idea what to do so I improvised and it worked."

Following this incident, Ms. Nesma decided to specialize in special needs. She finished a diploma in communication for special needs and became a certified specialist. She now is the founder of Sohag's first academy that integrates children with special needs and learning disabilities with normal children in a safe learning environment.

Ms. Nesma says that the academy incorporates a standard academic curriculum with language and communication for special needs. It has a team of qualified teachers and specialists. The academy aims to teach children how to deal with those who are different than them and how to accept them.

The next step for the academy is to offer parents guidance and psychological support to help them deal with the challenges of raising a child with special needs and deal with social harassment that comes with it.

Ms. Nesma dreams to see the children of her academy an integral part of society, not only working on their dreams and goals and developing their skills, but also innovating. She hopes that society learns to take them in and that the culture of acceptance prevails.

Even though the teacher training sessions sparked off the initiative in Ms. Nesma's head, it takes a sense of responsibility, sincerity and faith like those of Ms. Nesma to make something as amazing as this happen.

Mohamed Hassan
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