The Empowered Educator Journey

Preparing Educators
for Life-long Learning.




A Holistic Professional Development Journey.

Our holistic professional development journey aims at spreading the culture of continuous self-learning and promoting the humanistic approach in education, also known as person-centered education. This is because we believe that self-actualization should be the aim of any learning experience.

The programs mainly cater to the various needs of public-school educators. We train teachers, principals, counselors, activity teachers and Ministry of Education mentors across governorates, building their capacities and assisting them in transforming their schools into life-long learning hubs.

We help them become competent in both practice and theory to deal with the ever-changing variables around them in a continuously developing education system.

The program provides educators with an understanding of the psychological and theoretical foundations of the educational process with its four elements: teacher, learner, content and learning environment. Teachers and educators can then identify how to establish a relationship with the learner and choose appropriate educational methods to enhance learners’ cognitive development with a holistic approach.

How we do it

A Comprehensive Methodology

We offer several learning journeys for school educators based on their needs, the needs of their schools or the requirements of our partners. Each learning journey is a combination of training, coaching and monitoring interventions. The below are some of the modules we have delivered:

The Technology-Friendly Teacher

It provides educators with practical and theoretical exposure to different technologies that can be used to enhance their learning experiences and those of their students.

The Humanistic Teacher

This module is based on Paolo Freire's Humanistic approach in Education. It is about developing a student-centered teaching approach that enhances the three domains of learning: cognitive, psychomotor and affective, while focusing on the concept of self-awareness and self-actualization.

Classroom Management

This module teaches educators strategies and techniques necessary to manage student behavior and keep their classes orderly and productive.

I feel as if our brains were like rusty steel and the ‘Teacher’s Humanistic Approach and Class Management’ Training made it shine once more!

Mrs. Samah Abdel Sadek

Senior English Teacher, Alshaheed Amr Abdelgayed School

Educate Me Foundation Trainings helped me bring the science subject alive through using available natural resources to overcome shortage of resources and labs in our school.

Mrs. Faten

Nagea Al Shamandy School, Sohag

One of Our Public Schools’ trainings at Educate Me Foundatio focuses on helping teachers develop students’ reading skills through play; the impact of this training occurs in just two weeks of teachers applying the reading activities they learned in the training.

Hanan Abul Dahab

Development and Training Specialist at Educate Me Foundation

Journey Performance

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