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Established in 2015, Educate Me Community School grants the primary stage government certificate while following a skill based, learner- centered education model that focuses on whole-child development.

The school is located on the periphery of the under resourced district of Talbeya, where we also operate a preschool serving children aged 4 to 6 employing our wholly owned learner-centered model. We are currently serving a total of 360 students and will expand to reach 410 by 2020 school year.

Educate Me Foundation’s learning model is evidence-based. It employs several tools that secure internal data to improve the model, achieving the desired learning outcome and allowing effective scaling.

How we do it

A Contextualized Education Model

To be able to achieve our vision, Educate Me Foundation has developed an educational model that is built around 4 main pillars

Holistic Curricula

Holistic, student-centered curricula that combines 21st century skills and national educational standards with Educate Me values using project work and extracurricular activities. It nurtures a child’s 6 areas of development: physical, lingual, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and cultural as it involves children in experiential learning, extracurricular journeys and places priority on their emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

Equipped Facilitators

Empowered facilitators through building their capacities to develop curricula and practice holistic, student-centered pedagogy.

School Management and Environment

Maintain a culture of empowerment and implement inclusive school management and administration processes while providing a safe, child friendly learning environment.

Parent and Community Engagement

School staff hired from the community to maintain community ownership over the school, and engage parents in school leadership and awareness sessions, in addition to alumni programs for older siblings.



Our school values are adopted from the community and they form the base of Educate Me Foundation Community School's Culture.

  • Perseverance
  • Honesty
  • Learning
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Resourcefulness
  • Kindness


21st century skills are broken down into standards and are integrated within lesson plans on different curriculum areas.

  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Lteracy



Community School

A Lab School.

Our community school acts as our lab school, as far as our training and development programs are concerned.

The day-to-day teaching, learning and administrative experiences that happen in the school help us develop an inventory of best practices that we then transfer to our training and development tracks, ensuring an authentic, tried, tested and contextualized learning experience for teachers and students.

As a teacher in Educate Me Community School, I tend to follow my heart not my mind for them to be raised with the values we instill in them.

Ms. Safaa Mazied

Math Teacher, Educate Me Community School

What Makes Educate Me Community School so different is how unique the kids are! They are all eager to reach their full potential despite the obstacles they face every day in their surroundings.

Ms. Khadija Mansour

Co-Teacher, Educate Me Community School

I learned persistence, respect, and cooperation at my school. What is persistence? It's when you are in a race and you fall down and hurt yourself and cannot walk and the race comes to an end and everybody leaves but you still get up and try to get past the finish line. This is persistence.

Abdelrahman Saad

4th Grade, Educate Me Community School

Measuring Impact

To Take it Further

Educate Me’s learning model is evidence-based. It employs several tools that secure internal data to improve the model, achieving the desired learning outcome and allowing effective scaling.

We measure the school impact in two ways:

An Internal Assessment

Via reports and surveys to measure academic achievement, attendance and parent satisfaction, respectively.

A Longitudinal Impact Study

A 5-year study that measures the performance of Educate Me students in comparison to students who live in the same community but go to other schools. The study measures and compares parent satisfaction, academic achievement, social and emotional development, gross motor skills, literacy, and numeracy.

School Performance

A Look at 2019

We are proud to have recorded the following key performance indicators in 2019:


students joined Educate Me Foundation Community School


measured improvement in facilitators' knowledge and skills


parent satisfaction rate

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