Building Pioneers Student Camp
Building Pioneers
Student Camp

Bringing out the Best in Public School Students.

Bringing out the Best
in Public School Students.

Bringing out the Best
in Public School Students.




A Safe Space
for Self Discovery.

Because of the run-down state many Egyptian public schools are in, the possibility that students receive a decent, well-rounded education is usually compromised.

Through our Building Pioneers student camps, we aim to provide a safe and supportive environment so students can express themselves, try new ways of thinking, get exposed to a new way of doing things and feel a sense of achievement.

The results have been nothing but reassuring so far. Enveloped in care and treated with respect by our skilled trainers, the children always feel encouraged to bring out the best in them.



Our camp activities are designed around this set of values which are essential to children's personal development in a group setting

  • Cooperation
  • Accountability
  • Perseverance
  • Respect


We focus on instilling three main skills overlooked in many public school systems, yet essential to building children's personalities

  • Creative Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Presentation Skills
Learning Model

A Stimulating Journey
of Knowledge and Self-discovery.


Building Pioneers student camps make students go through a stimulating journey of knowledge and self-discovery as they better acquaint them with themselves, their culture and their community.

They are three-day student camps delivered in primary schools across Cairo and other governorates, which focus on developing a number of essential skills and values.

The camp involves students in an engaging storyline that continues throughout the three days of the camp as we introduce characters to hold the story together and maintain the children's interest. Students are usually intrigued and motivated to work and cooperate, relishing the journey and eager to know what happens in the end.

Camp Phases

Phase 1

To instill pride in the specific cultures of their governorates, their distinguishing environments, history and public figures.

Phase 2
Introductory Activities

To trigger interest, inspire creativity and teach problem solving skills.

Phase 3
Experiential Group Work

To practice facing challenges and tackling real-world problems through by applying an essential set of skills and values.

Phase 4
Student Presentations

To demonstrate learning outcomes and encourage students to take pride in their accomplishments.

Sustainability Interventions

Involving Parents and Teachers

To help a child embark on a healthy mission of learning and self-discovery, caretakers need to be involved to give the needed support and encouragement. In an effort to close this child development triangle, we cooperate with educators at each school and hold parental awareness sessions to align both parents and teachers on our goals and help them work with us for the best interest of the students.


Cooperation with School Teachers

To ensure a prolonged impact after the camp, we communicate with staff members and follow up with them on individual cases if needed.

During each camp, teachers and counselors from the school shadow our trainers and co-facilitate. After the camp is over, we share a report about the camp with key observations and recommendations. A workshop is then held with the teachers and counselors to discuss the challenges and come up with solutions. In some cases, our trainers support the school with cases of behavioral problems and learning difficulties.

Upon entering each school, we also scout for professional development needs. The insights we gain from our pre-camp and post-camp analysis help us determine the professional development needs of a school's staff members. The insights assist us in designing professional development journeys suited to the needs of the school should we later deliver professional development training sessions to its staff members.

Parental Awareness Sessions

Parents usually come to these sessions out of curiosity. They notice how a three-day camp has affected their children and come with the intent of discovering how we did it.

In the weeks following the end of each camp, we hold formal awareness sessions for parents tackling the areas of child development: social, emotional, mental and physical. The sessions usually address different issues related to child rearing, such as the negative consequences of domestic abuse and the importance of healthy eating habits.

Our trainers also engage in group and individual conversations with parents interested to learn about the development of their children and talk to them about ways of coping with their behavioral challenges. The camps seem to open a new world of possibilities for parents and their children when they discover techniques of helping them on their journey of personal growth with minimal resources.

One thrown pebble in a calm pond spreads out ripples until the whole pond moves, this is how I see Educate Me Foundation student camps, a pebble we throw to make an impact time after time.

Al Zharaa Abdelllah

Training and Development Specialist

Creating a safe space for kids and promoting their psychological wellbeing throughout the camp nurtures their creativity which enables them to express themselves differently.

Ahmed Farrag

Projects Manager, Educate Me Foundation

Program Performance

How far we've gone

As of mid 2019, our camps have impacted:







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