School Transformation Journey

Turning Schools into
Life-long Learning Hubs.




A Journey Designed
to Empower.

The program is designed to empower all staff members with an advanced approach to education, and progressive tools and strategies, then eventually give them ownership to further develop their schools.

Program Objectives

A Change of Mind-Set and Knowledge

School educators get to form an understanding of the concept of 21st century learning, its styles, skills and types of learning such as project-based learning - one of the most important learning strategies of the present century.

A Change of Approach

This is achieved by adopting the humanistic approach to education, which urges respect for the learner and their potential.

An Environment Conducive to Development and Growth

This is through spreading a culture of self-learning among educators in the school and creating an environment that allows them to exchange knowledge and experience among them.

How we do it

Turning Schools into Life-long Learning Hubs.

The duration of the program is 3 years. It consists of a continuum of interventions that build the capacity of educators in each school until they become ambassadors of 21st century learning.

We select a group of proactive teachers, whom we call our Champion Teachers, and with whom we work closely before transferring full leadership to them. By the end of our interventions, each school should have a fully functional, fully qualified training unit composed of members who make a continuous effort to prepare their school to deal with 21st century education challenges.

We also establish a network for the program’s alumni where they can cooperate further through a community of practice. The program aims to increase the areas of understanding between schools and their local administrations, as we enable local mentors to take on the role of professional development specialists.

Year 1
Direct Interventions + Selecting Champion Teachers

At this stage, trainers disseminate a set of fundamental ideas to instill the concept of the school as a model of continuous learning.

These ideas relate to theories of 21st century learning and developing a humanistic learning environment as well as the impact of such theories on the teacher-student relationship.They are also based in the concepts of self-learning, the multiplicity of learning resources and the concept of “learning together”. They give the teacher the intellectual flexibility to receive new knowledge and realize that education is not about content but about the ability to educate oneself. By the end of this year, we select the most proactive teachers with demonstrable self-learning abilities.

Year 2
Supervision + Preparing the School Training Unit

We connect Champion Teachers with their local administration’s mentors and training and guidance departments while incorporating in-depth activities on core program concepts. The goal is to form a team responsible for professional development in each school we work with.

Educate Me trainers start to work more closely with the developed training unit to set up the professional development plan and equip them with the necessary skills for assessing school needs, designing training programs and activities and delivering them.

The training and follow-up interventions for the rest of the school team are carried out by the team and under the supervision of Educate Me’s team.

Year 3
Activating the School Training Unit

The output of the third year is an integrated professional development program designed by the professional development team of each school.  The educators involved in the school’s training unit learn how to design and implement a professional development plan.

Educate Me interventions are mostly directed at the training unit during the third and last year of the program. Training and follow-up interventions for the rest of the school team are carried out by the raining unit under the supervision of Educate Me’s trainers.



Program Participants

The program runs through four pathways

  • Main subject teachers, activity teachers and school counselors
  • School management staff and mentors
  • Community of practice
  • Sustainability unit

I am now the head of the training unit at my school! I feel that I finally have the power to do anything I couldn’t do as a teacher. I want to make a change, and the first thing I want to change is how the training unit is perceived.

Mrs. Nesreen Hammad

Science Teacher and Head of Training Unit

Al Mahamada Primary School, Sohag

After 30 years of being a teacher, Educate Me Foundation trainings renewed something in me! Fresh ideas and new ways to include technology in my teaching methodologies. Moreover, I feel motivated, energized, and ready to use my expertise in the most efficient way.

Mr. Adel Abdelgawad

Math Teacher, Khaled Ibn El Waleed School, Luxor

Program Performance

A Look at the past 3 years


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