We believe that the best toys you could get your children are the ones that ‘edutain’ them; games that teach them something valuable without compromising on the fun aspect. Educational games can teach your child higher order thinking skills like critical thinking and logical judgement while also boosting their imagination. And if your children are in their early childhood years, real tangible toys are better than virtual games on a tablet because they help develop gross and fine motor skills as well as necessary social skills.

With this economy, it’s a relief that many good edutaining games are still very affordable. Check out these 5 educational games that will give your kids some new challenges to take on and teach them some valuable skills  without breaking your wallet.

1. The Million Square Kilometer Map from Weladna — 100 L.E.

How many of us loved learning about the geography of Egypt when we were school children? Exactly. Some things are better left unsaid! But, in our own defense, we didn’t have a whole lot of fun tools to get us interested in geography when we were young. Luckily, our kids don’t have to suffer the same fate.

Weladna has this cool  68cm X 85cm map called The Million Square Kilometer Map. It’s in Arabic and it portrays Egypt’s social, cultural, environmental  and economic scenes and where they belong on the country’s map.

To complement this map, you can also check out Weladna’s cool board game that takes your child more in depth into Egyptian governorates and their different customs, daily habits and  environments in the form of a colorful board game with attractive flash cards.

2. The Fraction Domino Game from EduFun — 83 L.E.

We may still remember when fractions were introduced to us in primary school. We sure didn’t like them, and some of us may still don’t. But, contrary to what we might have thought back then (or still think!), fractions can be fun.

EduFun’s Fraction Domino game has been created specifically to simplify the concept of fractions for 6+ year-old kids.  It is interesting, colorful and handy to help your child develop her logical/mathematical and intrapersonal skills.

3. Learn to Draw  from Hedeya Stores — 120 L.E.

We can all agree that the squiggly drawings of children are the cutest! No matter what they draw, they will view their drawings as masterpieces. And we cannot argue with that because no one can recreate what they draw, not even themselves.

Most children like to get artsy with a few coloring crayons and whatever canvas they can find. But if you find out that your child’s interest in drawing might develop into something more serious, you’ll want to invest in his hobby. Learn to Draw can be a good place to start. It can teach him how to draw step-by-step using an erasable board with a scale, colored markers and easy-to-copy animal illustrations.

4. The “I Want to Be” puzzle series from EduFun — 72 L.E

Unless your 5-year-old wants to grow up to be SpongeBob SquarePants or Princess Sofia, they’ve probably told you what profession they want to have in the future. This is your child starting to get in touch with the real world and puzzles could be an excellent tool to help her gain an understanding of the world around her.

The “I Want to Be” puzzles are a series of 18 puzzles, each illustrating a different profession to help children get deeper into the characteristics and components of any profession that peaks their interest.  The puzzles work on developing physical, cognitive and emotional skills which are the basic skills for raising a well-rounded person.

5. Colorful Snowflake building blocks 4+ EduFun — 80 L.E.

They don’t look like much packaged in a plastic jar. But look at what these pretty little things can do!

forget overpriced imported construction toys. These brilliant colorful bits should keep your kids busy with creativity because there is no end to what they can build with them.

These snowflakes are exactly what you need to get your child if you want to help them unleash their creativity, build self-confidence, develop their motor skills, problem-solving skills and much more at the same time. Also, if you’re looking to spend some alone time, this is a marvelous pass time for your children instead of leaving them to get sucked into the virtual world of computers and mobile devices while feeling all guilty about it.