School Counselor

Reports to

School Principal

Job Purpose

The Counselor's main responsibility lies in managing and following up on School Psychological and mental health programs for all school beneficiaries. Also in dealing with learners who have problems on the psychological and cognitive levels. The responsibility lies as well in preparing the school environment and staff for dealing with student incidents or problems.

Duties and Responsibilities

Design and Document School Counseling System:

Design and develop a manual for usage of school counseling tasks, as well as introducing steps to develop the teacher-student relationship, and parent-teacher relationship.                                              Develop student profiles.                                                                                                                                                    Design and use assessment for an evidence-based treatment plan.                                                                        Design and Develop School SEL Framework and manage its implementation.
Developing, implementing, and managing school guidance programs.
Manage and follow up on EM Child Protection Policy activities and processes.
Document and collect data for school counseling best practices.

Consulting and Solving Students Problematic incidents:
Consultation on daily basis for students, facilitators, and parents, and school administration as a school program facilitator.                                                                                                                                                                    Counsel students individually and whenever possible in groups.                                                                    Counsel parents and develop a group therapy discussing certain major topics that are addressed during the school year, to eliminate and improve the student-parent relationships.                                                Identify students with special needs and assist them when needed.                                                        Developing a treatment plan for individual work for students with special needs.                                          Assist students to analyze their abilities, explore their skills and work closely on means of developing those skills.

Coach and Train School Staff and Parents:
To understand the counseling services, inform employers and colleges about students according to school policy.
Ensuring two-way communication between school and home, by reporting home incidents.
Following up with parents over certain conditions requiring intervention
from parents and teachers.
Train teachers and administration over the means of working closely
with students with learning disabilities.
Plan for and follow up on Parents’ programs at the school.

School Progress Evaluation:                                                                                                                                                        To understand the psychological evaluations and conditions that develop from special cases.
Ensure Data collection.
To understand test score interpretations.
Monitoring and recording student progress to ensure counseling programs are effective.

internal Reporting & Communication:
Reporting tasks of maintaining reports are up-to-date and continued updating to the student profile.
Attend Monthly Staff Meeting.
Planning and preparing for the timeline and procedure for new admission assessments with the help of both, Primary stage teams leader and preschool team leader.
Attend Weekly follow-ups with direct reports and all other schools' management-related meetings.


Qualifications Include

- Education: Faculty of Psychology major or related field is a must.
- Specialized knowledge: Working with kids with learning disabilities
- Skills: organized- committed- critical thinker- fast learner- hard worker
- Experience: 5+ years of experience

  • Mobility
  • Awareness of Egyptian educational problems
  • Flexibility
  • Passion and Interest in education, research, children development and change-making
  • Self-motivation
  •  Meeting deadlines
  • (5+) years.
Working Conditions

-The School Counselor will work from the school premises and will attend to
Head Office upon need.

Physical Requirements:

Direct Reports:
-Assistant School Counselor.

Placement is based on the candidate's experience and skills. Only shortlisted candidates are contacted. If interested in this job vacancy, please send an email including your updated resume and a cover letter to with 'School Counselor' in the subject line.

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