Human Resources & Admin Manager

Reports to

people Culture & Delivery Manager

Job Purpose

The role of the Human Resources & Administrative Manager is to manage the human talent of the foundation, designing and implementing employee compensation and befits plan, managing the implementation of employee's performance evaluation, observing the workload, the culture of the work environment to maintain a self-actualized Foundational culture. Also responsible for the office management and legal system.   

Duties and Responsibilities

Talent Acquisition:

  • Determine Manpower Plans and staffing requirements for Foundation Management and Programs delivery. (Staff - Volunteers - Intern)
  • Attend to function Manpower needs.
  • Recruit, interview, and select staff that have the right technical and personal abilities to help further the foundation mission.
  • Co-planning and coordinating with heads technical interviews.
  • Co-designing and deliver Educate Me induction.
  • implementing the human resources policies, procedures, and practices including the development of job descriptions for all staff.
  • Manage the onboarding of new employees.
  • Performing exit interviews. 
  • Create oversee and improve the recruitment process and other function processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. 

Compensation &  Benefits: 

  • Deciding on salary tears and brackets based on market research for the foundation.
  • Deciding on compensation for each role with People Culture & Delivery manager.
  • Deciding on new employees' salaries and job offers.
  • Deciding on deduction and overtime salary.
  • Follow up on social insurance and payment.
  • Monitor the delivery of monthly salaries, bonuses, and staff compensation raises based on performance results (if applicable).
  • Creating and implementing retention plans for employees including monetary, and non-monetary, benefits, salaries.
  • Follow up on benefits Program implementation.
  • Deciding on learning and developing tracks to Educate Me staff.
  • Choosing training company and following up on needed tasks and the process of training delivery. 
  • Deciding and developing customized Employee Development Tracks with respective Managers (if applicable). 
  • Consolidate training needs from the performance evaluation system.
  • Coordinating trainings between trainers and team.
  • Manage, organize, and execute team bonding & retreat. 
  • Provide Health Insurance benefits and manage the operation.
  • Analyze Score and implement consequences accordingly, decide bonuses and/or probation.

Organizational Behavior & Design: 

  • Creating an Organizational chart and deciding on reporting and authority.
  • Communicate the organization chart.
  • Co-create workflows between departments with Managers and teams.
  • Continuously creating and revisiting job descriptions.
  • Create, train employees on and execute performance management system, and performance appraisal.
  • Manage the distribution of annual employee performance evaluation sheets and forms.
  • Creating and continuously updating HR manual in Arabic and English.
  • Ensure fair job load and enough manpower supply through Managers' innervations and checkups.
  • Monitor manpower resources capacity and availability.
  • Understanding different scope of works and level of interaction, involvement decision making and assistance needed.
  • Providing a playfully accountable work environment/ circumstances.
  • Ensure Employees culture understanding and implementation.
  • Manage the launching of engagement surveys and work on engagement strategies and enhancement through recommendations reports.
  • Communicate reports action points to managers and employees.
  • Managing and acting on change management strategies and interventions.

Personnel Management:

  • Manage and ensuring safe documentation of employees' job offers and employment papers enrollment.
  • Manage employee contracts, end of service settlement process, and its related communications with all governmental authorities.
  • Manage and supervise the preparation of social insurance (form 1, 2, 6), medical insurance.
  • Manage banks' communications in issuing payroll cards with the finance department.
  •  Keeping records for staff annual vacation balance.
  • Preparing employee exit papers.
  • Authorizing Employees' employment through providing enrollment, recommendations, and letters.
  •  Keep records of employees' deductions and bonuses.
  • Inducing Employees to HRIS.
  • Ensure that personnel and volunteer files are securely stored and privacy/confidentially is maintained.
  • Ensure employee contracts, internships, and commitment documents are signed and safely secured.
  • Documents employees' curriculum vitae and certification of experience. 

Employee Communication & Relations:

  • Communicate and enforce the implementation of all rules, policies, and procedures. 
  • Announcing all-new hiring through a formal email and Whatsapp group.
  • Ensuring sufficient internal communication channels for all employees.
  • Communicating HR events, millstones, and deadlines and spotting them on Educate Me HR calendar.
  •  Manage the communication of the national and official vacations.
  • Approving leave requests based on balances.
  • Managing the communication of balances of annual leaves, sick leaves, and others to employees.
  •  Managing the onboarding of new hiring into the foundation, welcoming and introducing new hiring into the team.
  • Managing the coordination of tasks with other departments.
  • Communicating job advancements and promotions.

Office Management:

  • Managing the office needs, forecast the budget, buffet, cleaning, and renovations needs.
  • Managing purchasing of the needed supplies.
  • Overheads purchasing and managing electricity, Internet, rents, and office maintenance requirements.
  • Equipping office with needed furniture, tools.
  • Creating a playful efficient work environment.
  •  Supervise office cleanness.
  • Reallocate office productivity and implement office renovation.
  • Manage office helpers (Office boy/girl).

Team Management:

  • Manage team members.
  • Follow up documentation, reports, and consolidations.
  • Monitor and evaluate team members.
  • Visit school and trainings for inspection and observation.
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring of team members.

Internal Reporting:

  • Manage and submit scorecard reporting.
  • Actively participating and involved in the strategic planning of the foundation.
  • Manage and follow up on direct team reports.
  • Deliver needed reports to other departments if/when applicable.

Internal Communication:

  • Make sure all documents are bilingual.
  • Planning and managing the internal communication plan along with the People, Culture & Delivery Manager & Executive Director.
  • Attend monthly Org. review meeting and all management related activities.
  • Making sure all reports are up to date from direct reports.
  • Planning and executing Monthly Staff meeting.
  • Makes sure direct reports attend Staff meeting.
  • Attend weekly follow-ups with direct reports.
  • Planning and executing cultural building activities across the organization in cooperation with People, Culture & Delivery Manager & Executive Director.    



Qualifications include:

  • Education: University Bachelor's Degree.
  • Specialized knowledge: HR background is preferable.


  • Great knowledge in management. 
  • Organizations skills. 
  • Coordination and communication skills. 
  • High research skills.
  • Networking skills.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Motivation skills.
  • Public speaking skills. 


  • Adaptive Learning.
  • Accountability.
  • Effective communication.
  • Foster teamwork. 
  • Building relationships.
  • Creativity and Innovation.
  • Decision Making.
  • Organization Skills. 


  • (5 –7) years.
Working Conditions
  • Working in the Head office (Maadi). The work might require extending working hours/days due to the nature of working with volunteers. it might also include attending workshops or events outside the office. 
Direct Reports
  • HR Associate.
  • Administrative Officer.
  • Office Boy.
  • Office Girl. 

Placement is based on candidate's experience and skills. Only shortlisted candidates are contacted. If interested in this job vacancy, please send an email including your updated resume and a cover letter to with 'HR & Admin Manager' in the subject line.

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